With the Senate split 50/50, Democrats can’t get their agenda done. It would be very easy to just negotiate with Republicans. But Chuck Schumer and most of his party are intent on forcing an unpopular, partisan agenda. Once again, he has vowed to destroy the one rule that protects the minority in the upper chamber.

From Yahoo News:

Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer announced Monday that the chamber would debate eliminating the filibuster in the coming weeks if Republicans refuse to join Democrats in passing sweeping voting legislation.

That’s right, Schumer is back on ending the filibuster—even though several Democrats have spoken out against it. What’s really odd is how determined Schumer is on ending this important rule. Because, if we take a trip down memory lane, we find out that he was very much against doing that.

From YouTube:

In 2005, Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer said eliminating the filibuster would “be a doomsday for democracy,” during remarks he made on 3/17/2005.

That’s right. During the Bush administration, when Democrats didn’t have control of the Senate, Chuck Schumer claimed ending the filibuster would be a “doomsday for democracy.” Yet today, he is trying to get rid of it, so he can push a radical, democracy-destroying voting bill. What has changed since then?

Oh, that’s right, Democrats now enjoy a majority. When it was convenient for him, Schumer loved the filibuster. His party used it as recently as 2020, to kill a police reform bill put forward by a Republican senator. However now, with Democrats having a 51-vote advantage, suddenly the filibuster isn’t needed.

If Schumer is successful in getting rid of the filibuster, it’s all over. Democrats would be able to pass any bill they wanted—including their radical “voting rights” bill that would essentially legalize voter fraud. They would so damage Americans’ faith in our elections that few people would even bother to vote—which is what happens in third-world dictatorships.

Isn’t that what Schumer claimed would happen, back in 2005? How ironic that today, he is trying to do the very thing he warned against.


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