All week long, we’ve heard about the possibility that the 49ers will have a crowd advantage despite playing the Rams in Inglewood. That certainly seemed to be the case during the Week 18 matchup between the two teams, when the stands at SoFi were a sea of red.

According to the Los Angeles Times, we can expect more of the same this weekend. Ticket reseller Vivid Seats projects that 65% of the fans in attendance on Sunday will be rooting for San Francisco.

That’s a five percent increase from their meeting in Week 18.

Of course, while it might be a tad embarrassing, the Rams having their stadium overtaken by opposing fans won’t prevent them from winning on Sunday.

It might make it harder though. After the 49ers’ win over LA in the regular season finale, Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford’s wife Kelly revealed that her husband had to use a silent count to deal with the crowd noise at home.

That’s not the situation you want to be in for a conference championship game. We’ll see how the Rams can adapt to their surroundings.


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