There has been plenty of talk about Sean Payton and his future with the New Orleans Saints over the past few days. During an interview on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, FOX Sports insider Jay Glazer had an update on Payton.

Glazer revealed that Payton is considering retirement. However, Glazer hasn’t reported anything yet because Payton constantly changes his stance on retirement.

“Sean [Payton] changes his mind every two seconds,” Glazer said, via John Hendrix of Saints News Network. “We talk about it a lot. It’s why I haven’t reported anything because he changes his mind like every two minutes.”

As for why Payton may want to retire, Glazer pointed out that dealing with the NFL and COVID-19 at the same time has taken its toll on a few coaches.

“But that’s also why I said two weeks ago on FOX NFL Sunday during the coaching carousel was that there could be a coach or two step away just because of these last two years of COVID, it’s taken its toll on people.”

Saints owner Gayle Benson was asked about Payton’s future on Monday. She admit that she’s unsure if Payton will be back.

“We don’t know. Who knows? We’ll find out soon enough I guess,” Benson said. “I don’t think any of us know, but he’ll let us know soon enough.”

Despite all their injuries this season, the Saints managed to have a 9-8 record. Payton has been the backbone of the organization for the past decade and a half.

If the Saints lose Payton this offseason, it’d be a huge hit to the franchise.


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