What’s Happening:

If you haven’t been following, undercover journalist group Project Veritas has been going to war with far-left newspaper The New York Times. Mainstream media outlets like the Times have hated PV for years, as the group has exposed the media’s dishonesty and bias again and again.

Somehow, the Times got their hands on private documents from Project Veritas. Nobody knows how they got these documents (although the FBI recently raided PV’s offices), but they intended on publishing them. Project Veritas sued to prevent these documents from being released. And a judge just ruled on it.

From The Epoch Times:

A New York trial court judge on Tuesday extended a ban blocking The New York Times from publishing legal documents and privileged materials from investigative journalism nonprofit Project Veritas…

The order covers memos written by a Project Veritas lawyer and obtained by The New York Times. It isn’t clear how the memos were obtained by the publication.

A New York judge ruled to block the Times from publishing documents they mysteriously obtained from Project Veritas. The documents appear to be memos written by a PV lawyer. It seems the judge is refusing the paper from exposing these documents, based on client-attorney privilege.

The Times and numerous other outlets (including CNN) have been embarrassed by Project Veritas after undercover footage from their own staffers revealed bias and other corruption. Odd, then, that the Times wants to do the very same thing, but this time with documents they should not have had access to.

It’s one thing for PV to release video footage that captures conversations in the public, with people who freely give their opinions and comments. But for the Times to release private documents meant only for this group and their lawyer? That raises all kinds of serious concerns.

We don’t have to speculate what the Times is trying to do. It’s unlikely any of these memos have groundbreaking information or something that would get the staff at PV arrested. That kind of thing would have to be submitted to law enforcement. This seems to be a petty attempt by the MSM to discredit people they hate.

It is an underhanded move by a once-respected newspaper. At least one judge is putting a stop to it.

Key Takeaways:

  • A judge blocked the Times from releasing documents obtained from Project Veritas.
  • PV frequently exposed MSM outlets for bias and corruption.
  • It is unknown how the Times acquired these private documents.

Source: The Epoch Times


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