Tennessee Titans star A.J. Brown has plenty of time on his hands right now. The Titans were upset by the Cincinnati Bengals in the Divisional Round and will now watch the rest of the postseason from home.

Brown, meanwhile, is getting a bit restless. And it doesn’t sound like he wants to sit at home all offseason.

The Titans’ star wide receiver wants to play baseball.

“Sometimes I think about playing both sports again,” Brown said on Twitter. “@Padres all I need is a workout. … I promise I will do better than Michael Jordan in baseball.”

Who wouldn’t want to see A.J. Brown take a shot at baseball? Well, except for the Titans and their fans.

Pro sports teams typically aren’t too thrilled when one of their players try and take a stab at another sport. The good news is baseball is practically harmless as long as you’re not a pitcher, which it doesn’t sound like Brown is.

It might not happen this offseason, but it certainly sounds like Brown has interest in a baseball career down the road.


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