This year, Americans will have an opportunity to send a message to D.C. And the left will be hearing it loud and clear. Republicans are gaining steam in their efforts to retake Congress. Democrats, meanwhile, had a terrible 2021 and are forced to defend seats that should have been safe.

Right as the political year heats up, Donald Trump makes a reemergence. Last year, he vowed to help Republicans win big in the midterms. All signs point to a growing red wave, as Trump does his part to inspire and motivate voters. And he just rocked a swing state that Democrats need to keep under their thumbs.

From CBS News:

Former President Donald Trump touched down in Arizona Saturday for his first rally of the midterm election year, bringing the spotlight to a state that will have hotly contested races for governor and the U.S. Senate in November.

In the governor’s race, Trump has endorsed Kari Lake… He has not yet picked a Senate candidate to take on incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly.

Donald Trump held one of his legendary rallies out in the middle of the Arizona desert. Thousands of Americans swarmed the venue to catch a glimpse of 45—a man who the left has tried repeatedly to defeat and silence. Yet, despite ongoing social media blacklisting and attacks from Democrats, Trump continues to reach the American people on an almost daily basis.

Reports suggest the rally was packed. Photos and videos seem to reveal a record-breaking crowd. Keep in mind, Trump isn’t running for office this year. He hasn’t been in power since January of last year. And the MSM continues to frame him as some kind of “insurrectionist.” Despite all this, Americans came out of the woodwork to cheer him on.

The fact remains, Trump’s endorsement could be make-or-break for many candidates. You’ll find very few Republicans who don’t want to align with his vision—and keep their jobs. It seems countless candidates have flocked behind Trump’s America-first banner, seeking his guidance, support, and endorsement.

In fact, the more the left tries to discredit him, the better Trump looks! That’s particularly true when you compare him with failing Joe Biden. After his first year, Trump scored a historic tax cuts bill that resulted in higher wages, bonuses, and more jobs flooding the country. At the end of Biden’s first term, the country appears to be in freefall.

That has resulted in Biden’s record-breakingly low approval numbers and panic across the Democratic Party. And more and more Americans are flipping to join Trump’s side.

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