When Donald Trump was president, our enemies around the world knew we meant business. He led with strength and refused to let dangerous forces have an advantage anywhere on the globe. That included Iran, which was reportedly breaking its 2015 deal with the U.S. to make nuclear weapons.

Trump tore up that deal and hit the rogue nation with heavy sanctions. During Trump’s administration, Iran was under control. But those days are over. Weak Joe Biden appears to be ready to let Iran fire up their nuclear efforts once again. So a group of over 100 Republicans is calling out Sleepy Joe.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

A coalition of more than 100 Republican lawmakers is calling on the Biden administration to abandon negotiations with Iran aimed at securing a revamped nuclear agreement…

“We write to urge you to immediately withdraw from the fruitless Vienna talks to re-enter the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and instead strongly enforce existing sanctions against Iran, particularly with respect to the oil trade between Iran and the People’s Republic of China,” the lawmakers write in a letter spearheaded by House Foreign Affairs ranking member Michael McCaul (R., Texas) and cosigned by 109 other lawmakers.

Led by Texas Rep. Michael McCaul, 110 Republican congressmen wrote to Biden, warning him to drop talks with Iran to restart the “Iran Nuclear Deal.” Instead, they are calling on the administration to maintain heavy sanctions against a nation that has frequently promised to defeat us.

Iran is one of the world’s most dangerous regimes. Not only does its leaders harass their own people, but they are a hostile force in the Middle East. They often endanger ships moving through the area.

And let’s not forget that little thing where Iran promises to “wipe Israel off the map.” By all appearances, Iran must be kept at bay. But Biden seems uninterested in checking them.

We can’t be sure why Biden’s State Department is so bad at its job. These are the numbskulls that failed to challenge China in an early meeting in Alaska. They went on to botch the hastily-planned evacuation from Afghanistan.

Now, they appear to be willing to agree to a deal that will help arm Iran. They could even drop sanctions, so Iran can eagerly gain the cash it needs to harm other nations.

We can complain all day long about Biden’s gaffes, fumbles, and declining performance. But his lack of leadership becomes crystal clear on issues like this. Iran is a clear and present threat to our national security and the world’s. It takes a strong leader to stand against them. These Republican lawmakers know that.

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