It’s Christmas time and I bet I know what many Americans are wishing for. They hope to have just a few days without the Biden administration screwing up. Sorry, folks. But even Santa Claus can prevent this presidency from messing up the holidays.

The rising inflation and bad jobs numbers are enough to put a damper on the holiday. But even when Biden tries to hold a Christmas celebration, he can’t even get that right. He and his wife were delayed for some reason, from appearing on cue. And when they did arrive, the host had to beg the crowd to applaud again.

From Fox News:

A crowd was told to redo its applause after President Biden showed up late to a Christmas tree lighting.

The president and first lady were introduced at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony by LL Cool J, but the crowd waited nearly two minutes for the couple to come out…

After a few minutes, LL Cool J tells the audience they “are going to do it again” while someone else could be heard asking for applause.

Yikes. Embarrassing! For some reason, Biden and his wife didn’t show when they were supposed to. LL Cool J (I guess taking time away from his CBS TV show) was hosting the event and called them out. The crowd got to their feet and applauded. But after two minutes, they didn’t show.

Maybe Biden was having trouble walking. Or maybe they were trying to wake him up from a nap. Whatever the reason was, when the couple did finally arrive, the host had to ask the crowd to applause again. Was that really necessary? Wouldn’t they have just started to clap when Joe showed his face? Or did Cool J worry that they’d boo instead?

(Or chant, Let’s Go, Brandon?)

You’d have to assume that if it was Donald and Melania Trump, the crowd would have been cheering for hours. Even a short delay would not have dampened their spirits. But apparently, Joe’s admirers get bored after waiting two minutes and need to be cajoled into clapping again.

It’s pretty funny how the host had to tell the crowd to clap as if they were the audience of a bad late-night talk show. I guess it’s all about appearances for Sleepy Joe and his White House. It doesn’t matter that he’s failing, as long as it looks like people like him.

That’s the saddest thing of all.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe and Jill Biden were late to the White House tree-lighting ceremony.
  • They were delayed for two minutes after the host announced them.
  • When they did appear, they had to ask the crowd to clap.

Source: Fox News


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