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Are you a “phantom voter?” You might be, and you wouldn’t even know it. There are thousands of these phantoms everywhere in your community. They go to your church, shop at your grocery store, they’re in shelters, meetup groups, and even at the rec center playing on your basketball team. Heck, you could even pass a phantom voter on the golf course, or at Starbucks.


Phantom Voters are usually honest people who don’t mean to do anything wrong, it just so happens that they never realized they voted.

I read a fascinating new piece that explains this phenomenon from our friends over at American Thinker.

It delves into the world of “Phantom Voters,” and explains how this is a way in which to unleash massive amounts of undetected fraud.

But the game is now changing, and technology is catching up to the scam, and experts can now identify these phantoms.

The 2020 election left an unpleasant taste in many people’s mouths. I could say a lot more about it, but I’d risk being censored, so we’ll just leave at that.

Suffice it to say, a lot of people were furious, and, in an unprecedented move, people just like me and you banded together to fix it. They filed Freedom of Information Acts (FOIA) and started checking voter rolls… and that’s when things started happening and “phantom voters” were revealed.

American Thinker reported that in one Midwestern state, voter rolls costing tens of thousands of dollars were bought by a billionaire leftist every month for over a year.  Why would someone buy a list that doesn’t change much?

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Voter lists show people who move.  They show people who never or seldom vote.

The white hat canvassing team built a query for one state: “voters who voted in 2020 who never voted before.”  Guess what!  265,000.

In the same state, thousands of people came forward with stories that when they showed up to vote, they were told someone had voted for them.  Get the picture?

In a southwestern state, in its second-largest city, there was a 21-day daily tabulation of cast ballots.  Once a ballot is cast, it should not be changed.  Not here.

When the millions of cast votes across over 21 snapshots were compared, thousands of ballots had been altered.  Some were minor alterations, like a slight name change.  Others were more interesting — like when someone voted in person, but his vote was later changed by an absentee ballot.

It gets better.

Those FOIA requests are mining gold.  Our midwestern state has documents showing that the state election organization gave online access to a leftist group for weeks during the voting.  Citizens had to pay over $20,000 for one snapshot of the voter roll.  Leftists could, and did, access it online throughout the process.  For free.

And access it they did. Witness statements are being gathered, lots of them, that in the largest city, election officials were trading cell calls about how many votes were needed, and someone was then providing the phantoms to meet the quota.


They knew the names of the phantoms — they had direct access to who voted, who didn’t, and who was likely to never show up.

This is not exclusively a blue-state phenomenon.

In a deep red state, canvassers found more traditional phantoms.

There were the 21 people at the fraternity house.  Nothing to see here — until they sorted them by age.  All these kids were active voters, many voted, and their age range was from 115 to 57.  Some frat house.

These red-state canvassers went deeper.  They showed that the phantoms did not vote en masse in the 2020 presidential election.  Phew!  Feeling better.  But wait.  They vote in droves in state, county, municipal elections.

Aha — here was another interesting pattern, never seen before.

This deep red state that voted for Trump by double-digit margins did not call out its phantom army when it could not move the needle.  When local, state elections were up, well, those people voted — even the 21 at the county jail and the 41 registered at the Recreation Commission.

These findings suggest one of three things: The Secretary of State is incompetent, corrupt to the core, or both.


Either way, the fact that these patriots uncovered this is huge. This just goes to prove that when we work together, we can actually make a difference.

But there’s even more to the story.

I highly suggest you read the entire piece over at American Thinker. Like everything they do, it’s very well done.

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OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author’s opinion
Reminder : The purpose of the articles that you will find on this website is to EDUCATE our opinions and not to disinform or grow hate and anger!


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