At the start of the Joe Biden administration, the new President swore that his team would be more transparent than his predecessor.

Government transparency remains a very serious issue, and the media was hoping that the new administration would be more forthcoming with inside info.

But a recent report shows that in fact, Biden’s team is less willing to share with the public.

A watchdog group called Protect the Public’s Trust produced a transparency analysis, and it found that Biden’s cabinet isn’t living up to its promise.

In fact, it claims the Trump administration was much more likely to provide the media and the public with certain details.

Above all, the report said that leaders of many major federal agencies failed to disclose any information about their daily schedules.

Here’s part of the analysis, via Washington Examiner:

The Biden administration’s overall failure to disclose the daily affairs of top officials, including their meetings with outside groups and individuals, hampers the public’s ability to determine whether agency leaders are serving the public’s interest and are acting within ethical boundaries.

The report said the Biden administration is “failing to live up to their transparency goals,” which runs counter to the President’s initial promise.

They also say that “nearly every department” they reviewed doesn’t offer the public “a meaningful opportunity to hold the agency accountable.”

This means that it’s difficult to look into potential misconduct, and questionable policy decisions.

Apparently, it wasn’t just that these departments didn’t provide much information — 12 of 19 agencies provided no information to the public.

Just about all the leaders of these agencies received failing marks for transparency, including Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

The report added that leaders during the Trump era also received failing grades, but they say Biden’s team “disclosed less information than their predecessors.”

Most notably, Attorney General Merrick Garland refused to disclose any details about his daily schedule. He hasn’t been transparent in this way since his confirmation in March.

Said Protect the Public’s Trust Director Michael Chamberlain:

Transparency is a foundational element of the American system of government.

It’s also important for agencies to be proactive about providing this information, which is vital for the American public’s ability to ascertain who is influencing policymakers at the highest levels.

Chamberlain said that he’s hopeful this report will lead to transparency improvements in Washington.

This is one of the biggest drawbacks of the current administration, according to many critics of the President’s cabinet.


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