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Across the United States, political and social differences are at their highest point in decades. Whatever our differences, Christmas continues to be a tremendous unifier and a reminder of the value and power of compassion, as well as the importance of family and community.

The holidays bring together tens of millions of American families who get together to enjoy the season, share memories and meals with one another, and — in the case of Christian families — attend church services that turn their attention to the deeper meaning of the festive season.


Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes the advantages of the holiday celebration. Black Lives Matter (BLM), one of the country’s most powerful activist organizations, intends to radically restructure Christmas as part of a bigger campaign “to disrupt white-supremacist-capitalism,” according to the organization.

“Black Friday sales are being rolled out weeks in advance of Thanksgiving, and at every turn, white-supremacist-capitalism is telling us to spend our money on things that we don’t need, in order to reap profits for corporations,” according to a statement on the Black Lives Matters website discussing the need to change the holiday season.

In order to further its anti-Christmas campaign, the Black Lives Matter movement has launched a socialist, racist “Black Xmas” campaign, which, among other things, encourages people to only buy goods from black-owned businesses and to avoid purchasing goods from white, Hispanic, and Asian-owned enterprises.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is also urging people to avoid “white corporate banks,” which it claims “fund gentrification, jails, and environmental degradation.” As a substitute, the BLM thinks that Americans should place their money completely in “Black-owned” financial institutions.

The goal of the Black Lives Matter movement’s “Black Xmas” campaign is not a secret: they want to replace America’s market-based economy with a Marxist one.

According to Black Lives Matter, “#BlackXmas invites us to break free from the bonds of consumerism and step fully into our own collective power, to create new traditions, and to run an offensive as well as a defensive.” “Let’s use our economic clout to upend white supremacist capitalism and strengthen the Black community.”

To suggest that BLM’s attack on Christmas is incredibly radical and absolutely out of touch with the majority of Americans should not be necessary to mention. It also serves as more evidence that the Black Lives Matter movement is not truly concerned with racial equality or peace, despite the repeated statements to the contrary made by members of the establishment media, Hollywood, and academics over the years.

The Black Lives Matter movement’s “Black Xmas” campaign is the absolute essence of racism – after all, what else would you call requiring people to purchase just from one race? … driven only by a desire to demolish fundamental societal structures in order to bring about a Marxist quasi-revolution that has its origins in mythology that portray capitalism as the source of all evil.

Examples include Melina Abdullah, a Black Lives Matter activist and Cal State Los Angeles professor who asserted that “Black Xmas” is motivated by the desire to bring in substantial economic and social changes in a piece for the Los Angeles Sentinel.

Abdullah noted that “this call is integrally related to Black Lives Matter’s objective to abolish state-sanctioned brutality against Black people.” State-sanctioned violence, according to Abdullah, is “rooted in White-supremacist capitalism,” which “exploits Black people as workers and customers while relying on the police state to protect, maintain, and expand its domination.”


Of course, none of this is true in its whole. Over the last century, the market-based economy of the United States has lifted a growing number of people out of poverty, and living circumstances for African Americans, like those of all other demographic groups in the country, have significantly improved in recent decades.

Affluent blacks and Hispanics saw “record low poverty rates” in 2019, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, which attributed the decline to the pro-growth policies of the Trump administration and the Republican-led Congress. The poverty rate among black people has dropped to 18.8 percent, the lowest level recorded since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began providing poverty estimates in 1959.

That does not imply that Americans should give up their efforts to achieve greater ground in the struggle against racism and poverty — for African Americans as well as for all other groups — in the United States. There is still more work to be done, particularly in light of the economic harm caused by government lockdowns aimed at halting the spread of COVID-19, which has exacerbated the situation.

However, the concept that free-market policies are somehow responsible for the plight of African Americans is not supported by evidence. BLM and other Marxist organizations have created this as a fabrication of their thoughts.

In spite of the fact that the Black Lives Matter movement is tremendously well-funded and backed by the left’s political and social institutions, the group has consistently demonstrated that it has radical economic and social beliefs. The Bureau of Land Management is doing far more harm than good to people who are sincerely committed to addressing racial inequities, tackling poverty, and instituting realistic changes in police agencies.


America has to have these vital talks and policy debates, but it will never be beneficial if a radical socialist group like Black Lives Matter (BLM) is in the forefront of the discussion. For political and social elites on the left, it is past time for them to criticize the Black Lives Matter movement and to reconsider methods in which we can work together to improve living circumstances for all people in the United States.

Meanwhile, socialist principles that are enormously unpopular will continue to obstruct future development in the United States.



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OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author’s opinion
Reminder : The purpose of the articles that you will find on this website is to EDUCATE our opinions and not to disinform or grow hate and anger!


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