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Dan Crenshaw went back home to Texas and discovered just how much his constituents don’t like his establishment politics.

Crenshaw duped the good people of Texas. He actually duped many of us, who thought he’d be a strong America Fighter.

But what we ended up with is a carbon copy of Paul Ryan, who we now know is a “political hero” of Dan’s.

A weak, do-nothing GOP globalist who is a closet NeverTrumper, and a quiet saboteur of the America First agenda.

Dan’s colors first came out when he supported red flag laws, then they were further exposed when he supported amnesty.

Finally, all bets were off when he went all-in to support Liz Cheney.

Let’s also not forget how quiet he was about the 2020 election, and how he’s done absolutely nothing to bring attention to the J6 political prisoners.

So, when Dan went back home and was confronted by a young lady about a comment he made about Jesus Christ, he nearly came unglued.

You’ve never seen Dan Crenshaw get so mad, as he did towards this young lady, and it did not impress people.

He actually got booed.


The blowback on Dan was swift and harsh.

Conservatives called him out for how he treated that young lady, and also how he conducted himself throughout the entire “town hall.”

It was shameful and embarrassing. Dan looked like he was having a complete political meltdown during the event.

So now, his office is trying to come out and do damage control on his behalf.

His chief of staff Justin Discigil is running interference for Dan, and offering an excuse on why he treated that young lady so abusively, and let me tell you, it did not go over well.

According to Justin, the reason Dan was so mean, is because his mother died of breast cancer when he was 10-years-old, and that’s why his “faith” is so important to him.


Here’s what Justin said:

Sure, I have empathy that Dan lost his mother at such a young age; I am human. But that does not give him the right to treat others with such anger, and contempt. If anything, his “faith” should compel him to react the opposite way, especially when it’s a young person he’s speaking to.

And that’s how most people felt. Here’s what people online said:

“So, that makes it okay for him to verbally abuse a young kid? what’s wrong with you?”

“My dad died when I was a kid and I never once said Jesus was an archetype nor is the first person who comes to mind as a “real hero”, Rosa Parks. Take the L.”

“”Hearing Dan tell the story of his mom’s battle with breast cancer is moving.” If Dan Crenshaw wants to be a motivational speaker, he should resign from Congress and go around the country inspiring people with stories about how he dealt with tragedy and loss.”

“I lost my mother when I was very young too. I’ve never used it as an excuse to treat others poorly. Sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it.”

“Touching story. Even more reason why Dan should have had a compassionate answer for the young lady whose only offense was clarification on his direct quote. So no, I don’t understand his strong reaction. Going through hardship only builds character in those willing to learn.”

“This has nothing to do with his ugliness to people in his own district or to answer the legitimate questions they had. If he professes one thing one place & something else in another place- he needs to answer. Shame on you playing the pity card from 30 years ago. #BeBetter”

“Losing someone to cancer isn’t a license to be a dick, especially towards a child. The graceful thing for him to do would be to apologize, not have you make excuses for him.”

“Literally doesn’t excuse how he acted “

I don’t care if that person was 10-years-old, or 20-years-old.

It makes no difference. I also don’t care if they were a “plant.”

Dan’s reaction was pathetic for one main reason:


We saw he will “fight,” and get nasty on HIS terms, but he sure as hell won’t do it on ours.

Dan will “fight” a young woman for his faith, but he won’t fight for J6 political prisoners or his voters who feel the 2020 election was a sham.

He’ll fight for Liz Cheney, and he’ll fight for red flag laws, but he won’t fight for the America First agenda.

All of Dan’s “fights” are about Dan, not about the people who supported him… and THAT is a problem and why he needs to go.

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OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author’s opinion
Reminder : The purpose of the articles that you will find on this website is to EDUCATE our opinions and not to disinform or grow hate and anger!


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