When former President Donald Trump left the White House last January, Democrats hoped it would be the last they’d see of the controversial Republican.

But instead of receding into the shadows, Trump has become even more visible – and arguably more popular, especially among right-wing citizens – since that time. And he remains a force in the GOP.

Now, he’s on the cusp of launching his biggest project yet.

For much of his presidency, Trump railed against Big Tech censorship, as many Republican leaders and Americans complained about a severe leftist bias among the tech giants like Twitter and Google.

And when then-President Trump got banned from Twitter, he made it a point to target Big Tech’s silencing of any viewpoints that didn’t parrot far-left ideology.

After leaving Washington in 2021, trump announced a platform of his own: TRUTH Social, which would be part of the Trump Technology and Media group. It’s designed to push back against the social media behemoths.

It’s just about ready to go, too — and it has a fitting release date.

Via Washington Examiner:

Former President Donald Trump’s social network has announced a release date for its app.

TRUTH Social, the social media platform announced by the Trump Technology and Media Group in October as the former president’s attempt to ‘stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech,’ will finally be available to the public on Feb. 21, Presidents Day, according to its listing on Apple’s App Store.

That’s right, the “patriot’s social media platform” will go live on President’s Day, and it’s currently available to pre-order on the App Store.

As part of the network, the app will offer a “TRUTH feed,” along with many of the standard functions people have become accustomed to, such as notifications. It’s expected to be quite popular out of the gate.

To clarify, TRUTH Social doesn’t only cater to one side of the aisle.

In fact, the leaders say it takes a “Big Tent” approach, as it allows users of contrasting ideals to “come together and have an amazing time and share their viewpoints of the world.”

It’s not trying to stand apart by only catering to Republicans or Conservatives. Instead, its selling point is freedom of speech and anti-censorship, which should be appealing to many frustrated social  media users.

The platform does face a potential legal hurdle, however.

TRUTH Social’s operating system is based on Mastadon, an open-source social network that lets companies create their own custom social media networks.

Supposedly, this is a breach of Mastadon’s license, and that has led to a lawsuit. But so far, we haven’t heard any further updates on the matter, and TRUTH Social’s launch date seems to be confirmed.

The Trump Media & Technology Group has also done well in raising funds for the app’s release.

They were able to bring in over $1 billion in investments last year, and they also added Rep. Devin Nunes as TMTG’s CEO. Nunes has been a long-time ally of Trump’s, so the hire isn’t too surprising.

The question now is whether or not TRUTH Social can make a dent in the social media monopoly generally controlled by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, and others.

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