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The New York Times reported on Saturday that former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was fired three days after a lawyer representing a former colleague approached the network with an allegation of sexual misconduct.

Andrew Cuomo (D), the former governor of New York, was suspended on Tuesday pending the outcome of an investigation into his attempts to assist his brother, former governor Andrew Cuomo (D), in overcoming various claims of sexual misconduct. On Saturday, the network announced that he would be leaving the company.


As reported by the New York Times, attorney Debra Katz reached out to CNN on Wednesday regarding a client who had made an allegation of sexual assault against Chris Cuomo, according to the newspaper. “The charge was unrelated to the Governor Andrew Cuomo case,” said to Katz, who represents Charlotte Bennett, the accuser of Andrew Cuomo. Bennett was a former junior colleague at another network, according to Katz.

“She came out because she was appalled by Chris Cuomo’s on-air words in reaction to the claims against his brother,” according to the New York Times, which included the governor’s remark that he has “always cared very passionately about these problems, and profoundly so.”

However, while the report notes that it is currently unclear how much of an impact the new allegation had on the decision to fire the CNN anchor, a spokesperson for the network said in a statement on Saturday that they “had cause to terminate” Chris because of the report they received regarding his brother’s defense. We took the latest claims seriously when they were brought to our attention this week, and we saw no need to wait taking quick action.”

Despite the fact that the latest complaint was made anonymously, Chris Cuomo’s spokesperson, Steven Goldberg, reacted angrily to the article, calling “these seemingly anonymous charges” false.


In addition, Goldberg stated that “he firmly stands by his on-air assertions about his commitment to these topics, both professionally and in a profoundly personal sense.” “If the aim of making these false and unsubstantiated charges was to have Mr. Cuomo penalized by CNN, that may explain his unjustified dismissal,” the statement said.

Cuomo’s spokesperson, Steven Goldberg, told the Times that “These allegedly anonymous charges are not accurate,” adding that “If the purpose was to see Mr. Cuomo penalized by CNN, that may explain his unfair firing.”

The liberals look to be starting to ‘bite their own tails’. With President Trump, they’ve shifted from ‘innocent until proven guilty’ to ‘guilty by allegation,’ which means they’re now eating their own. If Chris is guilty or not, it’s because he changed the criteria, not because of any wrongdoing on his part.

For some reason, the MeToo generation is always looking for a way back into the limelight. Those on the left who have already put the Cuomo family under a bus are now heaping on. In light of the fact that this attorney is employed by the governor’s accuser, I’m wary of these after-the-fact clams. I’m not a fan of either Cuomo or liberal programs, but I’m also not a fan of trumped-up allegations.

In the future, will “trumped up” have a conventional meaning or will it change to “Trumped-up” in commemoration of the Russian collaboration, racial falsehoods performed throughout four years of his administration and continue to this day. There is a possibility that the Democrats have reworded their message again again.

There are hundreds of wrongful death or negligent homicide cases that should be pursued, and sexual harassment and power abuse that is forcing the Cuomo out is only a distraction from that.


A pandemic which killed hundreds of thousands and upset the world as a political wedge issue and a chance to profit from books is one of their worst crimes. Negligent homicide was at the very least the order given to place old Covid-19 patients back in nursing homes. The fact that Cuomo lied about the number of people that died in nursing homes shows that he KNOWS he is guilty and has gone into hiding mode.

Everyone who commits crimes of this nature should be sentenced to prison.

There is nothing equal to what the Cuomo know they should be charged with that they’ve dealt with thus far,

As long as nothing more happens to them than what we’ve seen so far, they may sit on the sand and laugh their way to the bank, knowing well well that they got away with their most serious crimes.




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OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author’s opinion
Reminder : The purpose of the articles that you will find on this website is to EDUCATE our opinions and not to disinform or grow hate and anger!


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