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Dilbert comic strip creator Scott Adams is facing down intense backlash after he posted a very controversial and divisive poll regarding the unvaccinated.


Mr. Adams has been a “wishy-washy” Trump supporter for years now. He jumps on and off the bandwagon, depending on the news and issues that are going around, and as a result, has earned a reputation for being an untrustworthy “flake.”

Scott is also a proud proponent of the vaccine and has devoted a lot of time and energy condemning the unvaccinated, and cultivating what many call “divisive” debates, that they claim he engages in to help cope and validate his decision to get vaccinated.

I believe vaccination should be a personal choice that’s made with your family, and physician that’s based on your personal health situation, and debating in on Twitter is pointless.

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After all, as we’ve seen with the left, you can go suddenly go from anti-vax to pro-vax depending on who is in the White House.


Scott posts about the vaccine and unvaccinated a lot. And when he’s called out on it, he claims he doesn’t care who is or isn’t vaccinated.

He says he only cares about people’s opinions, but then he sits and argues with everyone about how they feel if it doesn’t line up with this point of view.

Scott will then post an endless stream of fear porn about the unvaccinated, and defends the vaccine, even when he’s confronted with all the misinformation that’s been spread and discovered about it.


Scott excuses the vax missteps as the “fog of war,” and says to learn and move on.

But it was this divisive poll that really had people convinced Scott is a paid shill for big pharma:

Folks online are now convinced Scott Adams is part of a paid network of content creators who are shilling for big pharma.

Now I don’t know if that’s true, but it is odd that he’s dedicated most of his Twitter timeline to vaccine discussions that appear aimed at shaming the unvaccinated. Most of Scott’s insults against the unvaccinated are passive aggressive, but when he’s challenged a lot, he gets revved up and shows a more left-wing type hatred for the unvaccinated.

He’s definitely touched a nerve with his fellow right-wing blue check pundits. Former Newsmax correspondent John Cardillo has had it with Scott.

Here are some other comments from folks online:

“This guy has to be getting paid by Pfizer, or all of Big Pharma, he can’t be shilling for free like this” 

“Scott has changed a lot since he got the jab, not sure if it’s because he’s getting paid by pharma or nastiness is just a side effect of the vax” 

“Scott Adams is insufferable at this point, I don’t know how you people can even read his timeline” 

“I was an ICU nurse for the majority of my bedside nursing career. The ICU is ALWAYS full with patients who essentially put themselves there (i.e. smokers with COPD, diabetics who won’t take their medicine, alcoholics, obese people). This talk of now rationing care is disingenuous”

“Remember when the “vaxd” weren’t going to need beds, Scott?” 

“So let’s play the opposite game. Let’s say a new variant comes that makes vaccinated sicker than the unvaccinated, should we give that bed to a vaccinated person, Scott?” 

“Wow, you must be making big bucks from Pfizer to post this divisive crap” 

“So a person who speeds and causes an accident should not get treatment…. A person who refuses the flu shot should not get taken care over someone who got it… A person who dies of aids should not get health care because they choose to have unprotected sex… lame Scott”

“Dilbert should be wearing a Pfizer t-shirt in every comic strip in the future.” 

“If you’re vaccinated and it works, what are you doing in ICU? “

“If the fuggin vaccines worked, the unvaccinated would not have to compete with a quadruple vaccinated dumbass for an ICU bed.”

“Scott, you’ve gone off the deep end, did you sell your soul to big pharma or something?” 

I am not a follower or fan of Scott Adams, I have noticed far too often how he flip-flops and backtracks on issues, even condemning people on our side who “fight” the left as “dangerous extremists.”


I am also not a fan of anyone who spends a lot of their time pushing the vaccine and stirring up division – especially when they claim to be on “our side,” and use their platform to sell their books and whatnot.

If I wanted that type of division and scamming, I could just turn on CNN.

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OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author’s opinion
Reminder : The purpose of the articles that you will find on this website is to EDUCATE our opinions and not to disinform or grow hate and anger!


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