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When the border crisis exploded earlier in the year, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott appealed to the White House for help. Despite contacting both Biden and Harris, he received no response. So, the Lone Star State was on its own to slow the tide of hundreds of thousands of migrants.

The governor has taken Biden to court. He has issued new laws and measures to defend the state’s border. He has even used a wall of police cars to discourage border jumpers (while planning to build a permanent wall). Now, he has come up with a new way to protect Texas residents.

From Daily Wire:

“And then in addition to that, beginning today, we begin dropping these large containers that you see on 18 wheelers, that you also see on these ships that are going across the ocean, we’re dropping them down on locations that could be crossings that would be used by these caravans to serve as a blockade to prevent them from becoming across the border,” Abbott continued.

Gov. Abbott laid out various steps Texas’ National Guard is implementing to secure the border, in the wake of Biden’s border crisis. They are laying down razor wire to prevent vehicles from crossing over vulnerable spots along the border. On top of that, they are using shipping containers to serve as a blockade of sorts.

Those who guard our border know all the hotspots smugglers and migrants use to get over. All it takes are logical steps to police and secure those areas—making it difficult for migrants to get through. It seems Abbott and his team decided shipping containers, the kind from 18 wheelers, will be effective barriers in key places.

Reports abound that over one million migrants have crossed our border this year. Many of them were never deported. In fact, they were released into our country. Word is, drug cartels and smugglers have free rein (especially along the California border) getting into the country. People’s lives are at risk, as Biden pretends nothing is happening.

States like Arizona and Texas have called on other state leaders for aid. Republican states have sent troopers and other resources to battle this war. But they are fighting a rising tide, without the administration’s help.

Only the federal government can permanently end this crisis by securing the border and deporting migrants. And we know Biden has no intention of doing that. The only real fix? Fixing our government for good.

Key Takeaways:Abbott of Texas is using large shipping containers to block the border.The containers will serve as a blockade to prevent cartels and smugglers from entering the U.S.This comes as Biden continues to ignore the exploding crisis along the U.S./Mexico border.

Source: Daily Wire






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